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Being official representatives of factories and manufacturers in the market of Russia and the CIS countries, we guarantee the quality of our goods. Distribution of the goods without intermediaries, the flexible system of discounts, and restriction of dealers on a ceiling price do offered goods respectable and balanced on the price in all the territory of Russia.

Being guided by demand of various regions, the company "EuroTrade" tries to form the assortment as much as possible meeting requirements of customers. The aspiration of our company is to bring modern innovative technologies to the Russian market.

The training centers of the company give a chance to any wishing to get necessary skills, to master new PDR technology. The complete training course does anyone a qualify expert. Teachers of the company who were trained and certificated in Germany, the USA, Taiwan impart you as much knowledge and skills in this or that area as possible.

Those of us newly developed coating thickness gauges ET 111 and ET 110 are distributed on the European market by the new founded company Etari GmbH n germany.

Many devices offered by us, are quite necessary for each person. Constantly developing a dealer network in regions, we make our goods available to everyone. The goods under the trademark «ЕТС» ("EuroTrade" Co.) are certified and developed together with our experts for the Russian market.

Production and suppliers

CHY FIREMATE – Taipei, Taiwan

The Collinite Corporation – USA

ElektroPhysik – Dr. Steingroever GmbH & Co. KG – 50735 Cologne, Germany

Induction Innovations Inc. – USA

PHYNIX GmbH & Co. KG – 50739 Cologne, Germany

RapidFix Inc. – USA

Prymos, Germany

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